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September 5, 2013 admin

Women Who Rock Online Conference 2013

A week ago SearchGuru attended a conference for women to share the experience they gained from the success of their online businesses.  Speakers at the event included Roshni Mahtani from Tickled Media, Rachel Yan from LittleWhiz.com, Joanne Ho from CupcakeChic, Nuraizah from Madcat World and Action Coach Legend, Jeevan Sahadevan.  It was organised by GBG PJ who never fails to impress at each of their events where they always manage to invite marvelous speakers and allow participants to join without a fee.

I thought the talks were very inspiring, especially the one by Roshni who shared her journey to become the Founder/CEO of Tickled Media. She has an air of humbleness and a sense of humour that kept the audience with smiles on their faces. Despite having no knowledge of starting a business, Roshni managed to increase profit for her company by 600% and her company was awarded the most democratic company in Singapore. Her secret was to be ambitious and keep an optimistic mind. I quote her “Optimism rubs on others. When there are a group of optimistic people together, ideas grow and solutions appear”.

Jeevan who is a successful business coach shared his 5 keys to success. He believes that a person who is successful devotes at least 10,000 hours to their jobs; a pianist would not be excellent if he/she did not spend long hours practicing. You can find his motivational videos here. Alternately, you can purchase his book “Walking with the Wise II”, about the secrets of running a successful business, co-authored with successful businessmen from all over the world such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

The next event will be The Global Summit. If you are going feel free to say hello! Have a great weekend ahead!