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September 18, 2013 admin

Why Enhanced Campaigns?

If you have tried Google AdWords yourself, you should be no stranger to the Enhanced Campaign introduced early this year. In this day and age, the world is moving towards a techy edge where one device is no longer sufficient. Be it because we get bored of hogging one device from the minute we wake or whether we simply have trouble keeping our phones working after dying for the third time that day. We now wake up with our phone(s) in the morning, deliver a pitch with a tablet and a laptop to our clients at a meeting, and back on our phones on the train back, and finally on the good old desktop as soon as we step into that long awaited comfort zone called home.

Enhanced campaigns are designed to fit your ads on different devices and ultimately help you reach out to the multi-screen world. Think about how you want to make it easy for your consumers by understanding their behaviors. Users who are on their phones are indicating that they are on the move. Hence, a landing page that is simple and direct will help you convert more easily whereas people who are surfing on their desktops are indicating that they are stationary and have time to be convinced and read on about features, reviews, and perhaps place an order online.

Lastly, Enhanced Campaigns are equipped to measure new conversion types such as counting calls and app downloads. This can come in handy to show you how effective your campaigns are by looking at the number of people who are interested in your advertisement. Just like the name suggests, Enhanced Campaigns help you improve your ads and be even more specific to ensure the best advertising possible. This video will help you understand better the benefits of Enhanced Campaigns. Have an enhanced day!

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