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November 22, 2013 admin

The Google Partners Event @ Aloft, KL Sentral

Panel discussion with representatives from SearchGuru, Gapture, Locus-T and Optisage Technology 

The Google Partners event was once again spectacular and memorable, with over 50 guests present. The ambience definitely was impressive and quickly made you feel at home. The event was held in Aloft, KL Sentral at 6 p.m. on the 20th of November. The location was excellent, as it was very near our office. Upon arrival, I was invited to take a photo by the customary photographer at the photo booth. It was wonderful. As usual, there were props provided to make the pictures look more interesting. The props included a wine glass, a mustache, a hat and other attractive items. The photo taking sessions at Google events are really quite interesting. There was also a variety of food served that night, ranging from traditional Malay kuih, desserts, and small cakes to noodles, spring rolls and curry puffs. Drinks included wine, beer, and fruit punch.

The main objective for the Google Partners event was to help all agencies achieve the Google Partner badge as well as to share with us the benefits and the requirements in order to be awarded the badge. This new program also aims to improve the quality of service to clients, and acts as an incentive for agencies to achieve more than just selling AdWords, but investing in a long-term relationship with existing and future clients.

The Google Partner Badge is a symbol of trust that Google places on an agency. It’s showing the world basically that Google trusts an agency and their potential clients as well. Some of the requirements to be achieve the badge includes having a complete company profile, demonstrates the best practices as an agency or a record of high quality results and a healthy amount of ad spend. Some of these best practices described by Google include maximizing a client’s campaign performance by frequently monitoring and making necessary changes to their campaign, fully utilizing their budget and precise location targeting. The agency’s client retention rate will also be evaluated. These factors are used to determine whether an agency has mastered all the basic essentials.

Matthew Zaheen, Google’s Head of Marketing showed us some very interesting facts on online usage in Malaysia. According to his research, Malaysians spend an average of 20 hours online weekly, and out of 700,000 businesses in Malaysia, 100,000 of them are SME businesses online. SMES represent a total of 97.3% of all businesses in Malaysia.

There was also a panel discussion, in which our co-founder, Larry Lim was one of the panelist. The other 3 on stage were Stanley Chee, CEO of Gapture, Joseph, Head of Sales from Locus-T and Johnson Lai, Director of Optisage Technology. Their comments and feedback on Google’s support system certainly brought clarification to the crowd.

The event ended at approximately 9 p.m. However many stayed back to network after the event had officially ended. There were games, gifts and prizes during the event, as well as take home goodie bags for everyone who attended. Our team definitely enjoyed the night!