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August 28, 2013 admin

Know AdWords Because You Must

Hello! If you haven’t already heard, there is a mode of advertisement where you only pay when potential prospects click on your ad, highly versatile and strict on budget. Allow us to tell you more!

Getting your business to be heard is easier than you think. Google Adwords allows you to reach out to 12.8 BILLION users! It is also one of the cheapest advertising methods and it allows you to cater to your market by selecting options such as keywords, location, budget and etc. Below are some main advantages of Google Adwords.

Fast and Easy

 You can easily put up an advertisement and it will be shown live! Select a target market and write a title followed by a couple of lines about your products and services. Select a set of keywords when typed to the Google searchbox where you want to appear and be searched for.  Finally, bid for the set of keywords and your ad will appear immediately as soon as payment is made.


You only pay when your ad is clicked on by users who are interested and typed in the keywords that you are bidding for.  As mentioned previously, this advertising method caters to all businesses with budgets as low as RM10 a day.

Stop or Pause Any Day

You may monitor your campaign and pause it at any time you do not wish your ad to appear. For instance, you may not want to be contacted in the evening after business hours: you are free to stop your ad from showing and resume it the following day.

Schedule Your Ads and Set Maximum Cost Per Day.

Plan your ads based on placement, demographics, budget and device with a set of keywords that are closely related to your products/services and voila! You are now in the running to generate more traffic and leads!

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