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Google Adwords vs. FB Advertising

Photo Credits: Vent2me

After working in SearchGuru for some time, most of the prospects I come across are new to online advertising and they tend to ask me the same question: Between Adwords and Facebook Advertising, which is better? In this post, I will propose several aspects to consider when choosing your platform for online advertising to achieve your goals in the most cost effective way. Let the battle between Adwords vs. FB ads begin:

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Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising

print vs online advertising

For the present-day businessmen it is certainly no secret that advertising is the backbone of every business. However, today advertising is not that simple as it used to be 10 years ago or had been even earlier. Nowadays, the first thing you need to choose is whether to continue working with the traditional print advertising way or to give a try to the new and popular methods of online advertising. What is the difference in which is more effective?

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