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September 30, 2013 admin

Google Adwords vs. FB Advertising

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After working in SearchGuru for some time, most of the prospects I come across are new to online advertising and they tend to ask me the same question: Between Adwords and Facebook Advertising, which is better? In this post, I will propose several aspects to consider when choosing your platform for online advertising to achieve your goals in the most cost effective way. Let the battle between Adwords vs. FB ads begin:

Your Products/ Services.

Adwords works well when you have a product or service to sell. This is because people who are searching for the keywords on Google Search already have the interest to buy, whereas FB works well if you were to promote site content. According to WordStream, FB is more intimate to its users and this environment is excellent for businesses that just want to promote awareness and have more interactions with users.

Your business goal.

If you are an e-commerce store and your purpose is to sell, Adwords would be most appropriate to start with. On the other hand, if you are a content site like an online magazine, it would be best to invest in FB Ads. Not to mention the free advertising you get when people like/share your posts!

FB can be more specific demographically, psychographically and geographically.

One of the greatest upper hands about advertising with FB is that you can target a sector based on your desired target age group, interests and location. You also get to reach out to people who have no idea about your business by having a wider range to target.

Adwords is stricter because it is based on keywords.

By targeting the keywords, it helps advertisers to focus on a market where they are certain that they have the intention to seek for the product/services. That means you can save some $ by avoiding those who are not interested.


If you have a smaller budget, it is better to do Adwords because one of the perks of Adwords is that it is more specific and each click is spent on people who have an interest in your products/services. However, according to KeyMultimedia, a bigger budget spent on FB Ads aids in reaching out to a wider market as they are not only restricted by a range of keywords.

Here’s one of our client’s story. Seaventuresdive is a diving resort located in Sipadan Island who came to approach us through word of mouth. I suggested they should start with SEO and Adwords with us some months ago with a small budget because while waiting for their site to rank, we can generate more leads with Adwords. We targeted keywords that are not too expensive yet very relevant to ensure the ads continue to run all month. Several days ago, we decided to reach out to Facebookers with FB Ads to achieve a greater online presence. We also received great news that they were the 2013 Certificate of Excellence Winner award and more recently they were nominated as one of the most unique hotels in the world by Tripadvisor. We could not be more proud of their achievements and we hope to achieve more in the near future.

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