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March 14, 2014 admin

Echleon Malaysia Satellite Event 2014

Welcome Speech by Thaddeus Koh, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of e27.

The Echleon Malaysia Event was held in Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Persiaran Multimedia Cyberjaya 63000 Selangor on 10th March 2014. It started at 1 p.m and lasted for about 5 hours.

The Satellite event is the preliminary stage of Echelon whereby 21 startups pitch in major Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia at a chance to be shortlisted at one of the 12 satellites across Asia. The winner for each city progresses to pitch to key investors and community leaders in Echelon Singapore.

It was a free event held by E27, a platform for start-up founders, investors and industry leaders in Asia to share and involve in community events such as Founders Drinks and others such as Asia’s Leading Tech Business Conference, Echelon, and Echelon Ignite. It’s the expressway for startups to reach out in the regional market. Felt the start-ups were all quite good with some very good ideas.

The Pitches

  1. AppZilo – A mobile app used to reach the right people at scale. It also allows you to monetize your app or website directly to advertisers in only a few steps.
  2. Betaas Solutions Sdn Bhd  (OverTask) – OverTask helps you organize your research, find websites that can help you get things done, and stay focused on those to-dos and avoid distractions. This app can be used to fire up all the tabs related to paying your bills, such as finding the perfect gift, researching a paper or organizing a project.
  3. Dynamic Company Ltd  (Adz) – A Digital Advertising platform that utilizes the lock screen of the mobile phone to display advertisements. Mobile phone users are rewarded when they lease lock screens and this creates a platform for advertisers to advertise.
  4. EasyRead – EasyRead is an application that helps young adults and professionals learn new languages while reading content that is of interest to them at their specific difficulty level.
  5. Easyuni Sdn Bhd – Easyuni is a platform for students and parents to search for universities and colleges around the world. To find information, read student reviews, and connect with counselors. Easyuni connects people to more than 1700 universities and colleges in over 20 countries.
  6. EnSurvey Sdn Bhd – A Social network for instant opinions. EnSurvey helps create and publish free online polls and view instant results through our interactive charts. It allows you to share your polls to other social media platforms as well.
  7. FanXT Ltd – A Fantasy Game platform that allows you to play fantasy games and start drafting your team to compete in multiple fantasy sports such as Ultimate Fantasy, Fantasy Premier League and Fantasy World Cup.
  8. Geob International Sdn Bhd – Promotes Hypoband, a cold sweat device that measures the skin’s humidity and temperature levels and displays the readings on the screen of the smartphone. Its Hypoband is paired to an Android smartphone and triggers a short message or phone call to caregivers upon the onset of a cold sweat.
  9. Golden Gorillas Sdn Bhd – A brand strategy and digital agency, which provides experience with end to end solutions in social media marketing, online branding, brand management and search demographic targeting and conversion techniques.
  10. Golfbogey Sdn Bhd – Golfbogey is a mobile app that offers the best tee times and course selection through easy and convenient booking methods. It also allows golfers more ways to stay connected such as with Android and iOS applications.
  11. Hijab2go – Hijab2go is a Muslimah Fashion Shop with all the latest fashion trends within hijab, tudung, shawl, baju kurung, jubbah and much more. The mobile app allows you to ‘try’ on the muslimah clothing’s through pictures.
  12. Ikahwin.my iKahwin is a wedding planning website in Malaysia and has listed over 533 vendors. Ikahwin allows users to discover, and review a unique wedding vendor online or through their mobile phones at any point throughout Malaysia.
  13. Netizen Testing –Has a vast multilingual user database so that you can conduct tests anytime anywhere and still not break your bank. The website makes it easy for you to design tests with many of our helpful template instructions. The users will have their screen and voice recorded as they browse your site. We then deliver those video results for your viewing. All you need to do review the unbiased users using your site.
  14. RoboQA – RoboQA is a test automation tool for your web application, which runs continuously on cloud with just a few easy steps. With a strong desire to speed up the quality assurance process, they came up with this solution after years of experience in the software development field. RoboQA aims to take away the tedious regression testing of web application functionalities from quality engineers so they can focus on complex testing and finding bugs.
  15. SECQME SDN BHD (Watch Over Me) – Is a safety application which allows your loved ones to be notified via email, SMS or Facebook when you shake your phone or fail to check in to a certain location safely. The app tracks your location every minute of the way from the moment you check in or tell it to stop. The app also turns your smartphone’s camera on to record a 10-second video when you shake your phone to trigger an emergency. This video is also sent to your loved ones so they can find out what’s going on.
  16. Sharefolio – The Sharefolio app is a free mobile portfolio sharing application that allows you to view the most recent portfolios of anyone you add to your Collection. You can connect with creative people and businesses from all over the world. It serves as a network and a versatile communication tool for artists, photographers, illustrators or anyone with a portfolio of images that showcases their work. You can also easily invite anyone who has an Apple device to download Sharefolio and become a member for free.
  17. StrongByte Studio Sdn Bhd – InstaB is an overlay app for baby pictures. The app allows you to promote and share baby pictures as many times a day with different customized overlay skin to friends and other parents as well.
  18. Supahands Dotcom Sdn Bhd – Is an App that allows you to organize and get help so you can worry about bigger things to do. The app allows you to set instructions such as handling reservations, organizing important data accurately, identify the perfect places to invite potential clients and conduct research for you business plans.
  19. Tableapp Sdn Bhd – Helps you to make instant free restaurant reservations 24/7 with instant confirmation online or on your mobile phone within a minute. Tableapp also enables you to browse restaurants based on location and date.
  20. Ticket Hero – Is an event listings app with a ticket give-away contest for members to every event listed. It aims to provide it’s members with more access to their favorite happenings from Sports to Nightclubs, Comedy shows, Concerts and Conferences while giving away free tickets to every event.
  21. TootPay Sdn Bhd – TootPay’s mobile financial solution helps banks and financial institutions have a seamless mobile banking deployment. It works on almost any mobile device. It is flexible, encrypted, menu driven and without Internet.


The Judges

The judges were Bikesh Lakhnichand, CEO & Co-Founder of 1337 Ventures, Khailee Ng, Venture Partner of 500 Startups, Kelvin Goh, Venture Partner of Crystal Horse, Chieh Suang Khor, Principal of Digital Media Partners and Thaddeus Koh, Chief Operation Officer & Co-Founder of e27.


The Speakers

The opening speech was made by Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), by bringing the crowd to a minute of silence in respect of Malaysia’s missing plane, Flight MH370. Cradle a not-for-profit funding agency that serves as a catalyst for sustainable technopreneurs. They provide grants for companies at the very early stages.

Hakim Karim, Director & Co–Founder of Gridmarkets, a B2B market exchange for CPU capacity, made the second speech. He took the opportunity to share the 6 tips for having a successful and effective start up pitch including presenting your business model as well as revenue model within the pitch. Always have a clear idea of your competitors in the same space and the market size as well.


The Winners

The event came to an end close to 4 p.m. after announcing the winner of Echelon Satellite Malaysia 2014, Tootpay – a mobile banking solution using SMS and Easy Read winning the People’s Choice Award. Tootpay will get a chance to pitch at e27’s flagship main conference in Singapore. The Cindai Room Ballroom, was well made up of about 300 people present that day. There was a lot of networking after the event alongside picture taking.

All in all, I thought it was a well organized event. The start-ups did a good and impressive job presenting their pitches only within 4-5 minutes. Will definitely look forward to the next!